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Due to the current state of our communities, the Governor and CDC has made the decision that mandates we close. We will share reopening information when that becomes available. Our property is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday – by appointment only – to anyone who wishes to book a future event. At the end of the day, we are one community and we will overcome this together. For more information, please click here to speak with our concierge team.


Founders of Landmark Hospitality, Jeanne & Frank Cretella took their passion for love for hospitality and the people they work side-by-side with and created two foundations.

A Path To Success

A Path To Success

Art of Hospitality Path to Success is a not-for-profit school dedicated to providing hospitality training and career paths for opportunity youth, the unemployed and underemployed. Students will gain the requisite skills for positions in hospitality with a focus toward entry-level front and back of house careers. The curriculum will also include job readiness, financial literacy, and service excellence as well as practical knowledge gained through structured learning experiences. In partnership with the New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association (NJRHA), we strive to have our training and certification programs to be a sought-after badge of accomplishment by our contemporaries that we have developed strong relationships with through the NJRHA. All of Landmark’s facilities will be involved in the training program.  Through education and training, we strive to remove the stigma that surrounds the industry while providing an opportunity for growth and sustainable careers in an exciting and lucrative industry.

All of Landmark’s facilities will be involved in the training program through education, training, and paid internships and mentorships we strive to remove front and back of house careers. Art of Hospitality will also advance people already in hospitality




For more information please contact: Sandra Bleckman Sandra@artofhospitalitynj.org

A Path To Success

"Supporting Needs and Dreams”

Improving the quality of life of our HOSPITALITY Family.

Our Mission:

To further improve the quality of life, propel the advancement of and provide assistance to employees and their families in the hospitality industry.

We pledge:

  • · To give at least five scholarships out per year to hospitality workers and or their family. To grant a minimum of five scholarships per year to hospitality workers and/or their families.
  • · To pay for schooling for the advancement of employees in the hospitality industry. To assist with the costs incurred for educational advancement in the hospitality industry.
  • · To act as a “help desk” for all family issues of our employees with 24 hour access. To act as a 24-hour emergency help desk to assist with family issues.
  • · Host family appreciation events for employees and their families. To host industry appreciation events.
  • · Sponsor content on hospitality web sites, blogs, chat rooms, publications, and various restaurant group’s proprietary newsletters and communication platforms. ??
  • · Create “think tanks” at venues with all positions and hold meetings/gatherings for the express purpose of open communication and employee needs, concerns, and ideas. To create forums for open communication to discuss the needs, concerns, and ideas surrounding the industry.
  • · Assist with legal funds for issues such as citizenship. To assist with funds for legal issues such as citizenship. 



For more information please contact: Jeanne Cretella jeanne@landmarkhospitality.com